INTERVIEW: CakeorDeath

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Hey readers, This months interwiew is of none other than the mod you all know and love. Cakeorrdeath!

Plently of suprises here, from a troubled past with other moderations to his own name being a lie! Read onwards… long have you been a user on gamespot?

I have been reading gamespot for a very long time but as for signing up and posting, since just before E306.

2.Why do you choose system wars as your main (general) board, the easy targets?

I posted on SW long before I became a mod. I started out on the E3 and dedicated platform boards but soon realised that the levels of activity and posting freedoms were much greater in System Wars.

System wars gets a bad rep for having a lot of disagreeable posters. However it also has some of the best, and amongst the repetitive or asinine threads will always be one or two gems.

3.something everybody may have wondered at some point…how many hits on the moderation history,oh wielder of teh banhammer? XD

10 in total.One for trolling Subrosian for writing too much . Another by an admin, when I was a brand new mod, for answering a question in ask the mods. He didn’t recognise me and had a moment of mod tag blindness. I still tease him about it to this day.

The rest are mundane.

4. Do you enjoy your modship? what are the benifits and drawbacks to your status.

Mostly, there are certainly annoyances and downsides to it though.

The benefits are being able to immediately take action over pointless or trolling topics and users. And having a greater influence in the community.

The most obvious downside comes from some people’s attitudes towards mods. People often view us in a negative light from the outset and for some reason believe we aren’t allowed an opinion. “you can’t say that your a mod” being my biggest pet hate. Older system wars posters will recall that I used to post a lot lot more than I do now. It’s a lot more effort not as much fun these days.

5. Would you realy choose to die with the absence of cake?

My username actually came from a joke my favorite stand up comedian did. Believe or not I actually prefer pie.

6. Where do you stand in the system war.

On the outside looking in, wandering what all the fuss is about.

I like to debate, and I like the business side of things. You’ll often find me in sales and numbers threads. But the review score comparison thing and which console is better for having a bigger list of exclusives I don’t get at all.

7. You say you prefer pie, what one is the best…Apple or bannana creame?

Steak and Ale, good ol British Pie.

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Mind Control. The Power to have anyone do whatever I wanted sounds pretty cool.

I’d probably be a Super Villain.

That concludes my questions, thanks for your time

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