WEATHER REPORT: September 2008

Weather Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’ll be your weathersheep this evening.

Finally, after weeks of boredom, the megaton drops–and the megaton flops! I’m talking, of course, about Spore, which scored a very not-GOTY-nay-GOTG 8.0.

As with every flop, people are a bit confused about where this ranks among the generation’s failures so far. Make no mistake–it is the biggest overall flop. No game that was hyped AA could be a bigger flop than one widely considered a lock for GOTY, even one that scored 4.5. TP? Amidst the chaos that followed you could be forgiven for forgetting that it barely missed AAA, but I think Spore is bigger because more non-hermits hyped it. There might have been more ownage with TP, but more people were owned with Spore.

Then again, perhaps it being a universal flop lessens the blow. After all, the only people who can run around claiming ownage are the crazy folks who didn’t think Spore would be GOTY-caliber–and they’re crazy. Yet it didn’t shatter people’s minds too much either; we’ve all learned that anything can happen on GS. Perhaps overall ownage isn’t what matters most? (Gasp!)

Regardless, Spore’s flop was healthy for SW. It shook up a board that desperately needed it, and, most importantly, it gave me something to report on. (I was not looking forward to an entire report on how IU’s flop was deja vu all over again.)

Now, cows have to wonder if LBP will suffer the same fate. Is it too late to lower the hype-O-meter? (Answer: Yes.) Meanwhile, sheep have a dilemma as well–they were hyping their versions of Spore, albeit certainly not for GOTY. All lemmings have to worry about is if this “overly casual” hammer will come down on their precious GeOW2. (I wouldn’t worry too much about that.)

So, after a nice reminder that no game is safe, what’s the next big stinking flop? KZ2 seems like a pretty safe bet. Hey, what are we hyping the GS Wide forums change? *ahem*