REVIEW: Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers – epic_pets

Mario has done just about everything from going into space,being a piece of paper, saving princesses and a lot of other outrageous stuff. So why not play baseball with over 40 other Nintendo characters? That is exactly what happens in Mario Super Sluggers as Mario and friends play baseball in over 10 baseball fields with the usual Mario power up’s, weapons, and the craziness you would expect from a Mario game.

The first thing you will notice is how nice the animations look in the game. Seeing how nice the animations look people probably were expecting good in game graphics but what they get is Gamecube looking graphics. The game looks even worse when the camera is looking at the entire feild. The game has poor color and is very jaggy when the camera is pointed to the entire Field. Even for A Wii game the game could’ve looked alot better then it does. Another disappointment you will find early in the game is it’s poor soundtrack. While some of the music in the game was average most of the soundtrack wasn’t even fit for a baseball game.

The game doesn’t use Nintendo’s motion sensing controls as effectively as you would expect. It doesn’t matter how hard you swing the controller, it all depends on the timing of your swing. Sometimes the game doesn’t even respond well to your swing. Besides using motion sensing only for pitching and batting you also use it to run across the field and to attack your opponent with the weapons you get when you have chemistry with the person that is going to bat after you. Two players have chemistry when the characters are from the same series and when the people who have chemistry are next to each other out in the field they can perform some special moves.

To learn the game well, you can go to the practice mode were it teaches you every thing you need to know. It tells you about the special ability’s team captains have and how to get the people out. What it doesn’t teach is how to play the game with the Wii-mote side ways. The people who are playing with the Wii-Mote side ways are going to have to learn by themselves. It seems as Nintendo didn’t put too much focus on that game playing swagger as the gameplay is clunky when playing with the Wii-mote sideways.

Once you get the controls down you can head over to the other game modes. There are 5 game modes in Super sluggers which are: Exhibition, Challenge, Mini Games, Toy Field and Training. In Toy Field your main goal is to collect the most coins. You get coins by hitting the ball far and by hitting the baseballs into these doors they have at the end of the stadium. You get to decide what kind of pitch the batter gets by hitting blocks but the catch is you also have to pick his weapon. Once he hits it the next player who gets the ball will be the next to bat. In the Mini game mode you play in a lot of different mini games that range from throwing pitches to hit enemies to catching items on the field.

The mode where most of the characters and all of the mini games are unlocked is in Challenge. In Challenge you play as either Yoshi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Wario, or Mario and you try to stop Bowser and Koopa from stealing all of the baseball fields. To do that you have to go to every bas

eball field looking for people to join your team. Before they join your team you have to either help them or prove your self by completing their challenge. Their challenges are pretty easy for the most part but they are a few tough one’s like hitting the baseball in a certain are. You get to walk around the fields completing puzzles and some mini games. Once you get enough people you can challenge Koopa to a game and if you beat him, Bowser will challenge you next. Once you beat the short story mode you will have all the unlockables in the game.

All together Mario Super Sluggers is a very solid and fun game. The challenge mode was a nice touch and the game is a blast to play with friends. The no online play was a big let down and so was the no Gamecube controller option.I can’t comment on how similar this game is to the Gamecube one since I never played that one but according to alot of sources not much was added. But all in all this game is really enjoyable and is worthy of a rent.