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Hello System Wars, This is Darkspineslayer here with The_Game21x, and he is here with us to talk about Gamespot renouned GUFU. Nice to have you!

1: Care to explain to the readers what GUFU is all about?

The GameSpot User Felloship Union or, GUFU is mainly a gathering place for GameSpot posters to discuss gaming news or pretty much whatever comes to mind. In the past, around the time of our Union’s founding, we were focused on attacking fanboyism wherever we found it in the System Wars forum. We used to gather our members and actively raid topics in System Wars with the clear intention of steering it away from the topic at hand towards something we wanted to talk about, which could be practically anything.

We’ve gravitated away from those ideals as many of our members have drifted away from System Wars due to the rather steep decline in quality over the past two years.

2: What are your goals for the union?

My personal goal, which is shared by all of the Union’s members is to create a civilized environment for our members to discuss whatever’s on their minds and in doing that, I think we’ve succeeded.

3. sounds like a plan, what do you consider the good and bad aspects of heading up such a union?

Well, on the good side of things, I get to preside over one of the most active Unions on GameSpot with perhaps the best forum community I’ve ever interacted with.

As far as bad things, there are tough decisions to be made and I’m first in line to make them. It’s not easy mediating disputes between our members or dealing with any number of issues that may swirl around our little union. But I remain optimistic about the future of our Union. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ve bettered my leadership abilities because of them.

4. Your union has somewhat of a reputation by some for being “a union that promotes trolling with a slightly better vocabulary” *to put it in the words of a fellow poster* by some, what do you have to say to these people. would you change somthing to curb that notion to your fellow gamespotters?

Ah yes, I’ve answered this very question many times before. GUFU has been one of the more infamous Unions to ever grace GameSpot’s servers and even to this day we don’t have the greatest reputation. I must say in advance, GUFU does not promote trolling in any way shape or form. Perhaps in the early days of the Union, this generalization could have been made. Moderators never really enjoyed our thread hijackings and they, even with the best of intentions, can be looked upon as a form of trolling. So I guess, in a way, they’ve got me there.

Now, GUFU has moved on from hijacking threads and we now focus on promoting what we always have which is the very reason we created the Union in the first place. We want to promote civil and intelligent discussions and debates. While these views are a bit more idealistic than realistic, especially considering the current state of System Wars, we like to think we’ve made some positive impact on things.

5. You say you preside over one of the most active unions on gamespot. what do you think the secret is to recruiting members and keeping them coming back.

There’s no real “secret” to it. It’s all a matter of giving your members something worthwhile to keep coming back to time and time again. If the community as a whole sees your forum as a good place to hang out and chat with fellow users then they will continue to actively use said forum. It’s as simple as that.

6. Where do you stand in the video game industry, manticore i would presume?

If you want to use System Wars terms then yes, I guess you could call me a Manticore but I’ve long since shirked the use of said terms. I no longer refer to myself as a Manticore because I know that no one can ever be completely unbiased, no matter how hard they try. Naturally, there are some platforms that I prefer more than others but I appreciate the “other” systems for the exclusive and unique titles I can’t find anywhere else. For that reason, I simply refer to myself as a gamer.

7. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

Ha, that’s a good question. I’d probably choose to be Psychic and have telepathy, mind manipulation, mind reading, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and possibly more at my disposal.

That still counts as one right?

8. Any shout outs to gamespot and the readers from the front lines in the system wars fourm?

Nah, I hate feeding egos.

If I was pressed on the issue I guess I’d give a shout out to all of my fellow GUFU members.

Thank you for your time

Just one note before we leave, Union of the Month Interwiews is changing its name to Interview of the Month. Unions will still be a primary focus, this name change simply opens up more possibilitys. such as interviewing mods, users and even the possibility of Indy devs.

Darkspineslayer out!


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