Weather Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’ll be your weathersheep this evening.

So…how about that E3? Yeah…it was…pretty bad.

That’s all I have to say.


Wait! The actual event may have been like watching paint dry, but in SW, it was like watching a bunch of people go nuts over watching paint dry. SW is never short of drama, and apparently, we can harvest outrage from even drying paint. So I’ll start with the paint that was the source of the most outrage.

Itr all started with the Regginator’s comment about all the amazing things they had planned for E3. Non-gamers and hardcore would be excited, etc. The sheep took that and started the E3 hype train that soon swelled into hope for a revived E3 that would actually be exciting to watch. Little did we know that it was actually the comment of Reggie’s evil twin…Reggievil, who was now twirling his two-foot long moustache as all nothing was about to break loose.

Long story short, Nintendo conference was damned boring and very much un-hypeworthy. Cue the explosions.

Real-time 1:1 sword fighting! But on Wii Sports Resort.

The sheep are now in trouble unless they get something to end this drought. Some relief came in the form of Miyamoto’s comment that E3 was not where the core games would be shown anymore. Miyamoto’s not the type to grow a two-foot long moustache, so I believe him. Hopefully, wherever they will be shown is close.

On to the cows! Sony’s E3 started with the right intentions. The moofolk got some pretty pictures of GoW3, LittleBigPlanet playing sales, and a reminder that the PS2 exists. It was pretty entertaining, which is more than what can be said for the other two, but by the end, we realized it had just as little substance as the others. Sony didn’t save E3, but they didn’t lose it either. The cows are pretty set for the rest of the year, so they’re fine with that.


MS started the trend of boring shows this year, with a very…casual…E3, showing the Mii ripoff that -GhostMLD- and no one else was excited for, and games that no one at all wanted to play. It looked like MS was going to sink this E3, and lemmings could have definitely used a good show. Oh well….

What’s this about another announcement, Square Enix guy?


And with that, the lemmings won this E3. FF13 had slipped a bit in relevance, but it was still a nice pickup, and the only newsworthy event of the entire damn show. Enjoy, lemmings.

So, who’s excited for the next E3? *crickets*