INTERVIEW: The Nintendo Dream Union

Union of the Month Interview – Darkspineslayer

This month featuring: Kansasdude2009 and the Nintendo Dream union!


OK, here we have Kansasdude2009, fearless leader of the “Nintendo Dream Union” to kick off this new feature. How’s everything tonight Kansas?


Tonight is great Darkspineslayer; I’m honored to be the first appearance in this new feature.


We’re honored to have you. Care to explain to the readers what Nintendo Dream Union (hereby referred to as NDU) is all about?


Nintendo Dream is all about the community. It’s about having people to discuss with about the real matters of Nintendo gaming. Wii boards have their limitations, as do the DS boards. Nintendo Dream does not. Controversy is here, fan topics are here, tournaments, games, story competitions, review teams, Nintendo challenges and everything else a regular forum cannot do is here.


Ok then Kansas. What are your goals for NDU, what do you hope to accomplish over year 2 of the unions life?


The same question was on our poll of the week this week. When I made Nintendo dream, I had a two year plan. Year one was to create a quality product. I needed good officers with great ideas, and I needed capitalize on those ideas. We just completed year one. Year two is all about expansion. I need to take this quality product and deliver it to the masses. My goal is to have over 1000 members by the end of year two, and to have 30 consistent posters. Fior year three, I plan to step down from my leadership and find a fresh newcomer to replace me. So, my goal is to find the best candidate to continue my work with Nintendo dream one year from now.


Are you just looking at officers or all members of NDU for that year 3?


An all new member. Though it may sound shocking, one of the biggest mistakes most union leaders make is leaving their union in the hands of someone already growing board of it. It is hard work being the leader of a union. You need a fresh start.


Interesting, I’ve heard that all your officers were handpicked and put through the ringer so to speak. How did you go about that process?


Yes, this was a fun process. Officers are the key to any union and my original team was scoped out by me for about a week. Later in the year I held a spring cleaning event where I had people volunteer for the position. (This is another mistake people make. Do not have people nominate, have people volunteer.) After this “spring cleaning” I was left with people ready to do their jobs willingly.

My lineup is:

Shinno441 as our union boards director. He is in charge of board activity, and keeping it alive and well fed with new and interesting topics. He also leads our excelent Review Team.

Darkgamingdude as our events organizer. He is responsible for all the extra events we hold at Nintendo Dream.

Alastah98 as the tournament organizer. He does a fantastic job of organizing our union tournaments, joint tournaments with Nintendo Revolution, and game nights.

Blackheart1889 as our graphics designer. He is the creator of our signatures, headers, union avatars and more.

Willy105 as our union advertiser. He is responsible for advertising the union to the right people. He creates commercials, comics, videos and more. He also sometimes creates new features like his upcoming Nintendo Dream EPIC.

And finally Kittykatz5k and Chazasul as our general officers. They do everything else that others can’t get to.

After that I gave everyone their job descriptions and have had few issues since.


Sounds like a good recipe for success. Now what do you consider the highlights of heading up such an ambitious union like NDU. The drawbacks?


The highlights are defiantly coming up with awesome ideas that I know everyone will like and then seeing them succeed. An example of this is my creation of the Nintendo Dream Summer. I created a summer story competition, and some Mii mania activities, Chazasul created his Nintendo challenges, Alastah created a tournament schedule, and there were other events as well, some of them having Wii Point prizes. Willy even advertised the entire thing. This all lead up to our anniversary on august 15th where we created a chat room for future game nights and general discussion. Seeing this all succeed along with added discussion is easily the highlight of leading Nintendo Dream.

Though with all the success, Nintendo makes it very hard to keep a Nintendo union going. Several Nintendo unions have failed because Nintendo will not give us news on any upcoming games. We have to dig deep to come up with good discussion topics. I can’t stand to see a day pass where only a couple of users decide to pay a visit to Nintendo Dream.


I guess everything has its good and bad aspects. Now if you could have one superpower…what would it be?


That is a very easy question to answer. If I could have one superpower, it would be the power to stop time without it affecting me or the general laws of friction and gravity.


Final question, anything you want to shout out to Gamespot and the readers?


Yes. Gamespot, mark me. Your union situation as it is right now is one of the most popular features you have. Yet it also happens to be the most cumbersome. You daily make my life more difficult when I have to change the front page of my union. You make me mad when I send out a telegram and people respond wondering why I’m PMing them. I expected this to be fixed when Gamespot Wide was announced but nothing has happened yet. Please your community and fix these problems.

Nintendo Dream, you are easily the best online community I have ever come across. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I hope you and I can continue to make Nintendo Dream into the union it is destined to be. Alastah98, you ROCK!

System Wars, you have changed so much over the years. I remember when I visited you daily, but you have been replaced by my union. I encourage everyone to join a union that you like and create new gaming communities instead of relying on the worn out ones.

Unions are the future of Gamespot.


Thank you for your time

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