E3 Special Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Welcome to the E3 forecast! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and…you know the rest.

Last year’s E3 may have been a dud, but this one promises to be at least a bit more exciting. Each group is hoping for and expecting big things, so if nothing else, we’ll be able to watch their hopes get crushed. It should be fun either way.

It looks like sheep have the most potential for a great E3, but they’re also the ones who need it the most, in the middle of a drought, with plenty of “Wait ’till E3” comments warding off cow and lemming attacks right now, it’ll be pretty bad if they walk away empty, and it’ll get downright ugly if Wii Fit 2 takes center stage. But I don’t think any cow or lemming is betting on that.

MGS4 has come and gone (strange how that happens so quickly, I swear I just wrote about it), and now what the cows need is a surefire AAAE to hype. With FF13 being pushed off, Killzone 2 being far from a surefire AAA, and LittleBigPlanet not exactly WMD-material, the cows want info on their next game that will strike fear into the lemmings and make them shout “Port it!” even though there’s even less a chance of that happening: God of War III. It’s a pretty safe bet that it’ll be there, it’ll look good, and the cows will begin the hype train, complete with screens!

Lemmings just want big games to compliment GeOW2. Perhaps a little too much. (Halo 4? Get real.) Unless there’s some supersecret bomb revealed (like, if I’m totally wrong about Halo 4), lemmings might be watching the other conferences, hoping that Wii Fit 2 is the main attraction and GoW3 isn’t looking good.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that this E3 is a lemon like last year. But that prediction’s just no fun, is it?