Weather Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’ll be your weathersheep this evening.

So congrats cows! You endured a really long drought, teased with almost-AAAs and identity crises, and it finally paid off in not just an AAAE, but an AAAAE. It took a while, but it can now be said that “Just Wait” is dead.

And you guys are having a party! After a while where cow presence in SW was mostly claims of Uncharted being the graphics king (sorry, console graphics king. Wouldn’t wanna go there) and of course, in the sanctuary that was the gazillion-post MGS4 hype thread, it’s back to the status cow, and back to the hype train for LBP and KZ2.

And why not? Is this the beginning of PS3’s ’08 that we heard so much about in ’07? At any rate, it’s coming along better than PS3’s ’07 that we heard about in ’06. So get out there, cows, and tell us how it’s gonna be! It’s beach weather, baby! Cows in bikinis! I don’t know where I’m going with this.

As for the lemmings, they predicted they’d have trouble on their hands ever since the first “MGS4 coming to 360?” thread. This could be the start of the turnaround! No? The equalizer? With Gears 2 leading off the one-man army of “surefire” AAAs on the horizon, lemmings might need a big E3, or else they might actually worry, for the first time in the gen, about the cows.

The sheep aren’t feeling the heat as much, (did we ever desperately call for MGS4?) but in the middle of a noticeable drought, we’ll also have to look to E3 before the attacks are pointed in our direction once again.

Well cows, once again, congrats. Feel free to be cocky and aggressive, and probably set yourself up for future disappointment, thus completing the System Wars cycle. See you next month.

P.S.: Is it funny that they still technically don’t have an AAAE?